The Notebook

By jkirk94
  • Exposition: 1. Meeting Characters

    Exposition: 1. Meeting Characters
    Introduces Noah as a elderly man in the nursing home. He is narrating the story and he begins to read his story to elderly Allie, which takes us back in time meeting the young Noah and Allie.
  • Exposition: Necessary background Info.

    Exposition: Necessary background Info.
    The entire narrating of the story being told my Noah about the meeting and love of young Noah and Alle.
  • Exposition: recognizable situation

    Exposition: recognizable situation
    When Noah sees Allie on the ferris wheel and has a instant attraction and will not leave her alone until she will go on a date with him.
  • Complication: Unexpected Interruption

    Complication: Unexpected Interruption
    The story is interrupted when elderly Allie realizes the story is about her and the man reading it to her.
  • Complication: What is gonna happen next?

    Complication: What is gonna happen next?
    Elderly Noah and Allie have a romantic dinner. Allie is still remembering Noah as who is and things are going great.
  • Denouement: Climax

    Denouement: Climax
    At the dinner Allie's dementia kicks in again and she forgets Noah and she hits him and tells him to get awayt from her. Emotional moment for Noah.
  • Denouemnet: Wrapping up Events

    Denouemnet: Wrapping up Events
    Noah finishes telling the story with him and Allie together. Noah goes to elderly Allie and they die together in each pthers arms.