The Nintendo Consoles

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    The timeline of Nintendo

  • Nintendo Entertainment System

    A simple video game console used to play games. It is also the first ever video game console released by the company Nintendo. (Upgraded in to Super Nintendo Entertaiment System in 1990)
  • Gameboy

    The first ever portable game released by Nintendo. Though it only has a few buttons, but the idea of having it portable was very successful. (Upgraded to Gameboy pocket then Gameboy light)
  • Nintendo 64

    Another video game console from Nintendo. The main thing is the game you can play in this console. (Super Mario 64, which was the best-selling game for Nintendo 64)
  • Gameboy Color

    The actual and most successful version of the Gameboy. This one also has color.
  • Nintendo Gamecube

    The successor of the video game console Nintendo 64.
  • Nintendo DS

    A larger version of the Gameboy and also containing more buttons and better graphics.
  • Nintendo DS Lite

    An upgraded version of Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS Lite contains Wi-fi connection and the bottom screen is a touch screen, used by a stylus.
  • Nintendo Wii

    A game console where the remote can be used for pressing the buttons, or moving it around (holding it and pointing it at the sensor of the system).
  • Nintendo DSi

    A bigger Nintendo DS with the same functions but it has a camera also.
  • Nintendo 3DS

    This is another Nintendo DS but instead it is in 3D. But there are lots of complaints about this new game console because it hurt lots of people’s eyes.