The Narrative Of Fedrick Douglass

  • Federick Augustus Washingyton Bailey Was Born

    Federick Augustus Washingyton Bailey Was Born
    Fedrick Douglass was born on February the year of 1818. He said he did not know when exactly, but all he knew was that it was during planting season.
  • Federick Douglass' sister Kitty was Born

    Federick douglaa' sister Kitty was born.
  • Federick Douglass' sister Arianna Was Born

  • Moves to Plantation

    He had to move to Wye River with his siblings. There, he was raised by his grandmother until he was about six years old.
  • Saw His Mother For The Last Time

    Federick Douglass did not imagine this would be the last time he saw his mother. He did not find out who his father was, but he believes it was his master.
  • Federick's Mother (Harriet Bailey) Died

  • Asks Sophia Auldt to teach him how to read

    She does teach him until Hugh Auld stopped them , he thought education makes slaves rebelious. Therefore, she obeys Hugh and does not teach him anymore.
  • Tries to Escape (Fail)

    Tries to Escape (Fail)
    He tries to escape but could not. He then tries again in a couple of years.
  • Tried to escape and did !:)

    Tried to escape and did !:)
    He escaped to New York and That is where he met the love of his life . They soon get married and live happily ever after.
  • Federick Douglass' Death

    Federick Douglass' Death
    Federick Douglass died in Washington D.C. after he spoke in a meeting of National Council and while he was describing the meeting to his wife. He had a heart failure.