The Mongolian Empire

  • 350

    Repeling Invasion

    The Chinese repelled an invasion by the Ruruan (Juan-Juan), who in turn drove the Hsiung-nu west toward the Ural Mountains and the Caspian Sea
  • 451

    Attila The Hun

    Attila invades the Roman empire
  • Feb 28, 744

    Chinese Dismantle the turk empire

    the Chinese Tang dismantle the Turk empire
    the turkic-speaking Uigurs, thanks to their alliance with the Tang, conquer the Eastern Khanate and expand from Lake Balkash to Lake Baykal, with capital in Kara-Balgasun (first turkic alphabet)
    the turkic-speaking Uigur empire is founded in Mongolia
  • Mar 13, 1135

    Raiding China

    Mongols led by Kabul Khan raid northern China
  • Aug 3, 1218


    the Mongols conquer the kingdom of Kara-Khitai (Kitan/Liao)
  • May 2, 1220

    Moving and Conquering

    the Mongols conquer Merv (Turkmenistan)
    the Mongols conquer Herat (Afghanistan), while an expedition led by Jebe and Subedei venture west into the Caucasus and Russia, signing a peace treaty with Venice
    Jebe's and Subedei's western Mongol expedition defeats a coalition of Russian princes on the Kalka river and then the Bulgars, but then retreats
  • May 2, 1231

    Invading Korea

    the Mongols invade Korea
  • May 2, 1257

    Defeting China

    Mongols led by Mangku's brother Kublai conquer China all the way to Hanoi
  • May 2, 1368

    China regains Independence

    the Ming dynasty is founded by a Chinese peasant and former Buddhist monk turned rebel, Chu Yuanchang, under whose leadership China regains independence from the Mongols
  • May 2, 1555


    the Mogul king Humayun reconquers India
  • Collapsing.

    the Astrakhanid dynasty collapses
  • End of Empire

    collapse of the Mogul empire in India