The March Through Malaya

  • Landing of the Japanese Troops

    The Japanese landed on the east coast of South Thailand
    More Japanese troops landed in north-eastern. When the Japanese troops kanded the invation of Malaya started
  • Period: to

    The March Through Malaya

    This is a timeline about The March Through Malaya.
  • Sinking of British Battleships

    2 British battle ships sunk by Japanese fighter planes. This was the worst Naval disaster that the British ever had during this war.
  • Battle of Jirta

    At Jirta Japanese tanks fought with the british in rain. The british didn't fight back with tanks because they thought that tanks we not good for fighting in the jungle. The jaoanese tanks could move fast, and the japanese troops were also well war trianed. At the end of the battle the british troops lost this battle.
  • Fall of Penang

    The Japanese droped bombs on the airfields. The Japanese also took many boats in the harbour. Then they used them to atack Malaya again.
  • The Battle of Slim River

    There was a battle in Perak. It was between the Japanese and the British. The Japanese killed many Japanese troops. The British were defeted by the Japanese.
  • Japanese Troops Entered Kuala Lumpur

    The Japanese went down do Kuala Lumpur and they defeted the troops from Kuala Lumpur. They destroyed Kuala Lumpur because the Kuala Lumpur trains had lots of food and ammunition. That is why the Japanese attacked Kuala Lumpur.
  • Battle Of Gemas

    The Indain and Australian Troops allied eachother then they fought together againsted japanese. The australian and the Indians won but then soon after the Japanese came back to fight.
  • The Destruction of the Causeway

    The British, Indian and Austrailian from different parts of Jorhor withdrew to Singapore. The were releasing the news that Malaya was lost. The Brtish troops were had blown up the Causeway which connected to Malaya and Singapore. The Japanese is now towards Singapore. The strong fortress of the British.