The Manhattan Project

  • Albert Einstein sends a Letter to President FDR

    Albert Einstein sends a Letter to President FDR
    On this date Albert Einstein send s a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In the letter Einstein warns the U.S. president about the possibility that Nazi Germany is trying to create a nuclear weapon due to the discovery of nuclear fission by two German scientist. This letter would go on to convince FDR to create a Uranium committee to learn whether or not it has the potential created an weapon. This would start the race for who going to make a nuclear weapon and use it first.
  • President FDR appointed an advisory committee on Uranium

    The advisory committee on Uranium which reported that a chain reaction in Uranium was possible. This same committee would under go other name changes and the army corp would join later on to create OSRD.
  • The Manhattan Project Is Formed

    The Manhattan Project is formed by OSRD in Manhattan , New York offices. U.S. Army Colonel Leslie R. Groves was appointed to lead the project. The Manhattan project is where all the funding and research on nuclear chain reactions occurred before FDR authorized weaponization. This was before the process of the first atomic bomb being created and used.
  • Manhattan Project authorization

    On the day the U.S. declared war on Japan. President FDR authorize the formation of the Manhattan project and the goal was to weaponize the use of nuclear energy. This would lead to the set up atomic research and testing facilities all over the U.S . Kicking of the race to make the first ever atomic bomb in war.
  • Los Alamos lab is created

    Los Alamos lab is created
    On this date Los Alamos lab was created to produce the first nuclear weapons . The lab was operated and directed by Theoretical physicist Robert Oppenheimer . Los Alamos lab is where the initial ideas and the development of the two atomic bombs "little boy" and "fat man".
  • The Trinity Test

    The Trinity Test
    On this date in the deserts of of Alamogordo , New Mexico the first atomic bomb was successfully tested. Which would be the start of the use of nuclear weapon testing throughout the rest of time. People would call this day "The Day The Nuclear Age Began". The success of this test would mean the Manhattan Project was successful and would lead to the first use of Nuclear Weapons the world has ever seen.
  • Potsdam Conference

    Potsdam Conference
    During the Potsdam conference in Potsdam , Germany. The U.S. offered an Ultimatum to Japan – surrender to certain terms in which they become a new democratic peaceful government or face “prompt and utter destruction”. Japan’s emperor would deny the offer. By not formally surrendering this would lead to the first use of nuclear/atomic weapons the world has ever seen in warfare.
  • "Little Boy" Hiroshima , Japan

    "Little Boy"  Hiroshima , Japan
    On August 6th , 1945 a United States bomber plane dropped the untested “Little Boy” atomic bomb 1900 feet above Hiroshima , Japan. The atomic bomb flattened the city and killed thousands of citizens on impact over a area of five square miles. It is estimated that around 140,000 people died due to the bomb. The first use of the atomic bomb "Little Boy" in warfare would show destruction and death that world has never seen before in its entire history.
  • "Fat Man" Bombs Nagasaki , Japan

    "Fat Man" Bombs Nagasaki , Japan
    After Japan refused to formally surrender three days after the atomic bomb hit Hiroshima , Japan. The United States dropped another atomic bomb named "Fat Man". The Atomic bomb "Fat Man" would drop in Nagasaki , Japan which destroyed the city and killed around 70,000 people. The bombing would go on to end the second world war with Japan formally surrendering. The use of the two atomic weapons would face criticism around the world whether or not it was necessary to use.