The Life of Paul Crabbe

By 001574
  • 1967 - Paul's changing point

    This time period was the crucial turning point in Paul's life, as it shows his transformation from adolescent to adult in it's early stages. He is confronted by a wise piano teacher who stuns him with his blunt teaching style, in time this teaching style proved to be beneficial to his life and playing.
  • Period: to

    A Decade to Remeber

    Over the ten years that this book was set around, it shows the life and growth of Paul Crabbe as a friend, son, lover and musician, lead by his music teacher Mr. Keller.
  • The second or third music lesson.

    This event is clearly showing Paul's increasingly inpatient frustration with Keller, as he is unsettled by the fact that he is not aloud to play anything and was left to watch and learn. This was essential in the maturing of Paul as he was taught to be patient and persistent throughout Keller's lessons, this also contributed to helping in his life issues later in the book. Paul's impatience only fueled Keller's persistent teaching style.
  • Paul’s sexual awakening.

    Paul finds himself in a situation where he falls into lust with a girl she meets at school, he only has a detached relationship with her as he doesn't talk to the girl named Megan Murray. This occurance opens Paul's eyes to the world of girls and intimacy between teenagers, and this changes his view on what school life is all about, from here on, he was another teenager looking for a girl. Paul's innocence could be compared to a freshly planted appleseed.
  • A Whole Lotta Rosie.

    Paul is faced with Rosie, a girl who shows immediate interest for him, he doesn't click on straight away but eventually he becomes enthralled in the interest she shows and slowly falls into the same feeling. This shows Paul what it's like to have a significant other and finds that he enjoys having a relationship and having someone that's devoted to him makes him feel secure. Paul's maturity is growing as fast as a beanstalk.
  • Mixing with the Enemies

    Paul finds himself in an odd position where his bullies confront him whilst him and Rosie are peacefully playing piano, and tell him to shift out. With his new gained confidence, he mildly fights back and orders to watch them play, and shortly after he found himself contributing to their band's sound. This has now provided him the confidence he needs to get anywhere in life, conquering a stepping stone in school.
    Rock is like a drug that cleanses the soul.
  • The betrayal of Bennie Reid.

    With all this uprising of confidence and new friendships, there was bound to be a wrong step taken. As Paul betrays Bennie for the group of ex-bullies, he is deeplu ashamed of this act of betrayal. He realizes that his head is getting big and this forces him to rethink his position with everyone he's close with. Paul's awareness has been renewed as if he was a wolf hunting for food.
  • The Rock Band and Piano Competitions.

    The peak of Paul's career in the rock band, and the continuation of his Piano career, brought him to the Northern Territory for competitions. The rock band was slowly deeming itself hopeless, as the drummer didn't turn up and the radio host, filled in, after all of the motivation is drained from them as a band they lose th competition and are sent home. This showed Paul that motivation is hard to find in times of need.