The Life of Mae Jemison

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  • Mae is born

    Mae is born
    On October 17, 1956 in Decatur, Alabama Mae Carol Jemsion is born. She was born as the youngest of three children. Her father was a maintenance worker and her mother was a school teacher.
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    The Life of Mae Jemison

  • Mae moves

    Mae moves
    When Mae was three she moved to Chicago. There her uncle introduced her to the world of science. At a very young age she developed interests in anthropology, archaeology, and astronomy.
  • Mae graduates from high school

    Mae graduates from high school
    In 1972 at age 16 Mae graduates from high school. During high school she was very balanced because she had interests in reading science and outer space plus she was an excellent student.
  • Mae Enrolls at Stanford

    Mae Enrolls at Stanford
    At age 16 she starts school at Stanford studying Afro-American studies and chemical-engineering.
  • Mae graduates from Stanford

    Mae graduates from Stanford
    At age 21 Mae graduates from Stanford with a degree in Afro-American studies and chemical-engineering.
  • Mae enrolls at Cornell

    Mae enrolls at Cornell
    Mae starts school at Cornell University studying medicine.
  • Mae graduates from Cornell

    Mae graduates from Cornell
    In 1981 Mae graduates from Cornell University with a Doctor of Medicine.
  • Gets a job

    Gets a job
    In 1983 Mae joined The U.S. Peace Corps working as a medical officer. During her time working there she worked in Sierra Leone, and Liberia.
  • Mae leaves Africa and gets a new job

    Mae leaves Africa and gets a new job
    In 1985 Mae left Africa and returned to the U.S. getting a new job as a general practitioner in Los Angeles. There she studied engineering in preperation for her applicatin to NASA.
  • Mae joins NASA

    Mae joins NASA
    In 1987 Mae was chosen by NASA to start training with 14 other applicants. She first decided to apply for the job because she was interested in space.
  • Mae blasts off!

    Mae blasts off!
    On September 12, 1977 Mae Jemison blasted into space on the flight the Endeavour. Since she was on the flight she becane the first ever African-American woman in space. She was a science mission specialist during the flight. She studied the affects of weightlessness and being in space on humans and animals. That way she combined her two different passions: science and health. During her mission she showed curiosity.
  • The Jemison Group

    In 1993 Mae Jemison founded The Jemison Group. Its goal was to develop advanced technology in health care, food production and enviornmental protection.
  • Mae writes a book

    Mae writes a book
    In 2001 Mae wrote an autobiography called: Find Where the Wind Goes: Moments from my Life.