The life of Francisco Vasquez De Cornado

  • Jan 1, 1510

    an explorer is born

    an explorer is born
  • Jan 1, 1535

    new spain

    1535 Coronado goes to New Spain (Mexico) with Antonio de Mendoza (the Spanish Viceroy)
  • Jan 1, 1537

    Got married

    1537--Married the rich daughter of a colonial treasurer
  • Jan 1, 1538


    1538--Made governer of Nueva Galicia
  • Jan 1, 1539

    South west

    1539: The Viceroy tasks Coronada with searching the South West for Cibola and the Seven Cities of Gold
  • Feb 14, 1539

    seven cities

    1539: Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza is told of the Seven Cities of gold. The myth is given credence by a Franciscan friar named Marcos de Niza (1495–1558) who tells of a gleaming city called Cibola that local Indians described as only the smallest of the seven which holds more gold than the Incas
  • Jan 1, 1540


    1540 Coronado begins his exploration of south-western North America in search of the Seven Cities of Gold; July - Battle against the Peublo Indians at Zuni, Coronado is wounded but establishes a base; Coronado finally reaches Cibola but it is not the city of gold described by Fray Marcos
  • Jul 7, 1540


    1540 July 7 Battle against the Peublo Indians at Zuni - Coronado is wounded but establishes a base
  • Jan 1, 1541


    1541 Coronado sets out for Quivira (a rich kingdom described by an Indian guide); he reaches Quivira (in what is now Kansas) only to find a poor Wichita village
  • Jan 1, 1542

    grand canyon

    1542 Coronado discovers the Grand Canyon during his voyage home
  • Jan 1, 1542


    1542: The Viceroy brands the expedition of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado an abject failure but Coronado retains his post of Governor
  • Apr 14, 1542

    return from expidion

    1542 April: Francisco Vazquez de Coronado starts the journey home. He had failed to find El Dorado, the Seven Cities of Gold but had made a tremendous voyage of discovery across America. During the expedition his men discovered the Grand Canyon
  • Jan 1, 1544


    1544 Coronado is found guilty of atrocities against Indians and removed from office
  • Jan 1, 1551

    rio grande

    1541-1542--Coronado and his men spend the winter on the Rio Grande
  • Sep 22, 1554