The Life of Benjamin Frank

By oobmaB
  • Apprentice

    Benjamin Franklin was 12 when he was accepted as an apprentice for his older brother, James Franklin, who was by that point, 21 years old. Ben Franklin then worked untill 16, he then was contributing essays to Newspaper that was from his brother.
  • Philadelphia

    Ben Franklin then went away from his apprenticeship to Philadelphia, where he found a job and worked as a printer. After that, He then made his way to London, England and found again, a job and worked as a printer.Then in 1726, after 2 years, he went back to Philadelphia.
  • Opening a Shop

    Opening a Shop
    After 2 years of Benjamin Franklin Returns from London, England, back to Philadelphia, he and a business partner, James Meredith, opened a shop and soon found themself quite successful due to the shop producing a range of materials, those include currency, government pamphlets, and books, and more.
  • Election

    Benjamin was then Elected as the official printer for Pennsylvania. He then later married a woman named Deborah Read. He then gave birth to Francis Folger 2 years later in 1732. Later in 1734-35, Benjamin's brother James Franklin, the one who apprenticed him, died. Fast forward to 1740 he was then The Official Printer for/of New Jersey. Later in 1741, he then advertised the Franklin Stove and then published the first version of "The General Magazine and Historical Chronicle".
  • The Death of The Father

    The Death of The Father
    Benjamin Franklin's dad who was Josiah Franklin, passed away in 1745. Ben Franklin then started researching and experimenting about extensive electrical about a year later. Franklin then wrote "The Plain Truth", a folder talking about and proposing for a better military preparednedd in PA. In the folder was the first political cartoon published in America.
  • Kite Experiments

    Kite Experiments
    In 1752, Benjamin conducted a kite experiment, it demonstrated and explained the connection between the two lightning and electricity. Later that same year he helped finding the "Philadelphia Contributionships for Insuring of Houses from Loss against Fire".Then in 1754, He Benjamin Franklin proposed a plan of Colonial Union, Albany Congress
  • Agent

    In 1757 - 1762, he was in England, being an agent for Pennsylvania's Assembly, Massachusets, Georgia and New Jersey. He mapped the Postal routs in the colonies. By this time Ben Franklin also invented his Glass harmonica. In 1766 he searched the House of Commons in support of repeal of the Stamp Arc.
  • Named Agents for Lots of Colonies.

    Named Agents for Lots of Colonies.
    Ben Franklin was named Colonial Agent for Georgia, in 1768, and named Colonial Agent for New Jersey, in 1769, and Elected Colonial Agent for Massachusets in 1770. Ben then gave Ireland a tour, and the next year he began on his Autobiography. 1774, He lost his wife, Deborah Read passed away at the age of 44, she died in Philadelphia
  • Beginning of the French Alliance

    Beginning of the French Alliance
    In 1775, Benjamin Franklin was elected as a Pennsylvania deputy of Pennsylvania to the Second Continental Congress. Ben Franklin the served as a chairman of Pennsylvania Committee of Safety. Ben Franklin then later found himself elected as a Post Master General of the Colonies. Later in 1776, Ben Franklin then Presides the Constitutional Convention of PA. Then he later found himself being one of the 5 who drafted the Decloration of Independence. Later that same year, he made his way to Paris.
  • French Alliance

    French Alliance
    Benjamin Franklin met up with Madame Brillon in 1777. Then in 1778, Ben Franklin then signed the French alliance to help America. From 1779-1781. He appointed and negotiated the Peace Treaty with England. In 1783, both sides decided it would be best to sign the Peace Treaty, so they both did. 1784, Ben Franklin then invented Bifocals. After that, he was considered a legend and was Elected to be the President of Pennsylvania Executive council in 1785-1786, Ben then invented the Long Arm later.
  • Death of Ben Franklin

    Death of Ben Franklin
    in 1787-1789, Benjamin Franklin signes the Constitution, and in 1789, he wrote the Anti slavery treatise, and then became the President of the Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, He then died later in 1790, at the age of 84.