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The life and events of Mirabel

  • Mirabel is born

    Mirabel is born
    Mirabel is born - Carlton, Melbourne -true image
  • Period: to

    Mirabel's life

  • Period: to


  • A Soothsayers words

    A Soothsayers words
    Mirabel is 13 years old and has just visted the soothsayer under her mothers orders. Dressing the dead
    Treasure nod wed
    Lost on the sea
    To fortune you'll flee. -soothsayer
  • Forest Glades

    Forest Glades
    Mirabel visits her mum in Forest Glades - Mountains in Northern Melbourne. When she visits her mother in Forest Glades and finds her in a depressed state. Her mother then claims she is not the person Mirabel thinks she is.
  • Graduation

    Mirabel graduates from high school - Melbourne
    Mirabel graduates with Rose from high school and she is unsure of what she wants to do in the future and Rose is worried about what her boyfriend will do as he says he wants to fight in the war.
  • Prostitute

    Mirabel meets prostitute called Angel.
  • Mystery package

    Mystery package
    Mirabel is asked by her father to deliver a package of money to man called Chen Su Ting. She accidently takes a wrong turn and ends up in the red light district and is helped by a young woman called Angel.
  • Mirabel's life

    Mirabel's life
    Mirabel is seventeen, she's leaving school, designing dresses, falling in love and working. -true image of mirabel when she was 14
  • Rose

    Mirabel meets beautiful, blonde rose.-best friend -true image/drawing by 'mirabel' in rose's impression.
  • Trip

    Mirabel leaves for Shanghai to find JJ.
  • Its Official

    Its Official
    Mirabel officially meets JJ - Melbourne
    JJ and another soldier come to visit Mirabel's father and JJ and Mirabel finally learn each other's names and get to know each other.
  • Savoir

    JJ rescues her from drunken American soldiers and then appears in her home. They are clearly in love. JJ has to return to China.
  • Job

    Mirabel gets a job in cartography because of her amazing drawing skills.
  • Margo and Harry

    Margo and Harry
    Mirabel’s cousin Margo’s husband, Harry, is back from
    the war. He has nightmares and is changed, Margo is terified that she has lost her husband. Today we know it as post traumatic stress syndrome.
  • Mirabel's job

    Mirabel's job
    Mirabel is seventeen and has started work as a cartographer and is meeting new people (jock and Murray) and really enjoying her art.
  • Mirabel discovers her mother's secret

    Mirabel discovers her mother's secret
    Mirabel finds her mother outside at night chanting about another young girl. Mirabel finds out that her mother took the identity of another girl when that girl died to be match made with Mirabel's father.
  • Leaving

    JJ leave's Australia promising Mirabel he will come back soon.
  • Bao Bao- Adelaide

    Bao Bao- Adelaide
    Mirabel gave birth on Tuesday to a baby boy she called Bao Bao, (little treasure) The labour went on for fourteen hours, Mirabel was exhausted.
  • Mirabel leaves school.

    Mirabel leaves school.
    Mirabel leaves school starts designing dresses and then meets JJ.
  • Run away

    Mirabel runs away to her pen pal in Adelaide; Eva and her husband Aubrey for her to give birth.
  • Mirabel meets Jin Yu

    Mirabel meets Jin Yu
    Jin Yu is JJ’s younger brother whom Mirabel meets in Shanghai when he is nineteen. He supports the Communists against the Nationalists, a dangerous position in 1947. -true Jin Yu
  • Hartmann Family

    Hartmann Family
    Mirabel meets Hartmann family in Shanghai – Rachel, Max and two little girls. Their friend, Stefan, is another Jewish refugee living in Shanghai.
  • Departure

    Jin Yu is dead and Shnaghai is know longer safe. JJ, Mirabel and Bao Bao pack up their things and leave.