Armin van buuren

The Last of Armin van bluren

  • New machinary

    New machinary
    He became interested in technology and computing
  • First mixer

    First mixer
    He bought his first mixer, borrowed the synthesizer of his dad and started making music
  • Musical Influences

    Musical Influences
    Armin listened to music of Jean- Michel Jarre and Ben Liebrand
  • The nexus

    The nexus
    He began working as a DJ in u to discotheque of Leiden called Nexus
  • Bachelor of laws

    Bachelor of laws
    He graduated from the school and enrolled in the University to study law
  • His thought is

    His thought is
    He said that "one should not become prisoner of his own style"
  • Communication

    Armin to released tracks from 1995, the best of success in his career were "euro trance" and communication in 1999
  • The great !

    The great !
    Armin began to produce songs that mixed the progressive, techno, trance and electro house
  • Imagine

    Launches its album imagine dance
  • The king of trance

    The king of trance
    He was named number 1 dj of the world in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012