The Last Ferry Mock trial timeline

  • Period: to

    The Last ferry case span

  • Alex Lacassagne begins teaching at Stanford

  • Flinders falls ill with strange disease

  • Stone trains at Washington state basic law enforcement academy

  • Terry Nichols: sovereign associated with Oklahoma city bombing

    Oklahoma city courthouse bombing
  • "Montana Freemen" sovereigns form "Justus Township"

    "Justus Township" was an attempt by the "Montana Freemen's" to form their own government.
  • Stone recieves Cedar County Sheriff's Office Detective of the year award

  • Sage starts to not file income taxes

  • Flinders President of the International Association of Forensic Lingustics

  • Hut and Bobby's run in with a state trooper

  • Stone's first big case meth fire on Lonsome Lake

  • Flinders President of the International Association of Forensic Lingustics

  • Sage's last year of not filing income taxes

  • Sage in Waverly's opinion begins to express radical views about the government

  • Stone Joins FBI

  • Stone trains at FBI Academy in Quantico

    Late 2007-early 2008
  • Sage claims Everly left her and took the kids

  • Kravitz vists the Jones compound

    Late 2008
  • Stone's second big case arson fire on the Horticulture building

  • Stone assigned to headquarters in D.C. for International terrorism

  • Sage Charged in Federal court for failure to file income taxes

  • Sage also charged with malicious mischief and assault on an officer

    Sage pleaded guilty to both charges.
  • Sage has her dissolution decree

    Sage loses her kids due to "mental instability."
  • Stone gets excepted into FBI elite Hostage Rescue Team

  • Arkansas police officers gunned down by father son sovereigns

    Jerry Kane and son Joseph gun down two officers on a routine trafic stop with an AK-47 assualt rifle
  • Sage attempts to create a detonator for T.J. Jones

  • Sage's first visit to the Jones compound

  • T.J. wants Sage to meet Hut

  • Stone assigned to the Domestic Terrorism squad

  • Sage completes the detonater for Hut

  • Sage notices MLK day bomb on the news

  • First letter

  • Sage's second visit to the Jones compound

  • Stone explores DT threats and MLK day parade is one threat

  • Sage begins working for Stone

  • Sage visits Hut a couple times a week

  • Jo Jo arrested for violating the Stolen Valor act

  • Stone arrests Sage Annandale

  • Sage quits her job at the Gas 'N' Sip

  • Everly dies

  • Kravitz witness's Jones meeting

    Spring of 2011 hears talk of government reaping what it sows
  • Sage visits Hut four to five days a week

  • Jo Jo convicted of violating the Stolen Valor Act

  • Stone pressures Sage in early summer

  • Sage suggests a lot of American servicemen would go down

  • Flinders contacted by Stone

  • Second Letter August 3, 2011

  • Second Letter

  • Sage and Billy Joe go to Oregon to buy supplies

  • Sage does a dry run in mid August

  • Test explosion at the Jones compound

    Late August
  • Third letter

  • Sage visits Hut four to five days a week

  • Ferry bombing planned on Labor Day weekend

  • 4:00 pm Stone tracking Hut and Billy Joe

  • 4:40 pm Hut and Billy Joe arrive at the Ferry terminal

  • 6:35 pm Sage's truck drives onto the ferry "Olympia" for departure

  • Evening: Stone executes search warrent of the Jones compound

  • 5:00 pm Sage gets in line at the ferry

  • Kravitz warns the Fed's about the IED's on the compund

  • ten year anniversary of 9/11

  • Sage stops working for Stone