The Last Ferry

  • petrire obtains Sociology degree from Columbia

  • petrie gets masters in Linguistics

  • A.Lacassagne receives undegrad in linguistics from Harvard

  • petrie gets Ph D in Linguistics

  • A. Lacassagne receives masters in linguistics from Harvard

  • A. Lacassagne starts teaching at Stanford under Dr. Petrie

  • A. Lacassagne receievs Ph D in linquistics from Stanford

  • S.Stone became a cop

    Obtained training in narcodics, advanced arson, and basic homicide.
  • Period: to

    Sage did not pay taxes during this time

  • S.Stone Detective of the year award

  • Period: to

    Flinders Pertrie President of Association of Forensic Liguists

  • TJ dishonorably discharged

  • S.Stone joins FBI

    16 week training camp
  • L.B. Kravits Hurts His Back

  • L.B. Kravits finds property near Jonses

  • Feds discover Sage has not filed taxes

  • Sage charged with failure to pay taxes

  • Feds discover TJ's silver star fraud

  • S.Stone Acceped into HRT training

    Later in the year he hurt his shoulder and back and was unable to continue.
  • TJ asks for special project of Sage

  • Sage goes to Jones barbeque

  • Hut gives TJ one of Sage's long range detonaters

  • Investigation Begins

    Ivestigation on ferry attack begins
  • Martin Luther King Day bombing

    Pre-curser to 9/11+10 attack possibility
  • Attack Discovered

    Attack on Washington Ferry system was discovered.
  • First letter sent

    Talks about missfire
  • Period: to

    Sage works as a CI

  • TJ charges with stolen valor act

  • Sage Annandale becomes a CI

    Through mid September
  • Sage quits job at the Gas 'n' Sip

  • Everly died

  • CS reports planning of bombing

    Told how, when amd where the attak would occur included likely casualties.
  • Third letter sent

    tyranny gatherd army
  • Labor Day bombing executed

  • Second letter sent

    talks about what to come