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The Korean War

  • Russians Arrive In Korea

    Russians Arrive In Korea
    n the last days of World War II, Russian troops begin moving into northern Korea
  • Period: to

    The Korean War

  • US Leaves Korea

    US Leaves Korea
    American forces begin to prepare to withdraw from Korea, hoping to leave the South as an independent state under the leadership of the pro-American conservative Dr. Syngman Rhee.
  • North Korea Invades

    North Korea Invades
    North Korea crosses the 38th Parallel and invades democratic South Korea
  • US Aid

    US Aid
    Truman commits US Naval and Air support to South Korea
  • Seoul Captured

    Seoul Captured
    North Korea invades and successfully captures the South Korean capital of Seoul
  • China Enters The War

    China Enters The War
    Worried of the fighting so nlose to the Chinese border, Chinese Leader Mao Zedong sides with North Korea and enters the war
  • Mac Arthur's Ultimatum

    Mac Arthur's Ultimatum
    MacArthur unilaterally issues an ultimatum to the People's Republic of China.
  • Truman Fires MacArthur

    Truman Fires MacArthur
    President Truman won't allow General MacArthur to split the Korean War into two new fronts, and when MacArthur writes a letter criticizing the president, Truman fires him for insubordination
  • Korean War Stalemate

    Korean War Stalemate
    Both sides launch a series of offensives aimed at breaking through the increasingly entrenched lines of battle, but neither can make much headway.
  • End Of The War

    End Of The War
    The Korean War ends, leaving North and South Korea separated in the same place as they were before the war, divided by the 38th Parallel