Burleigh headland

The Kombumerri Tribe - Timeline

  • First Sight

    First Sight
    The Kombumerri Tribe watch the Endeavour make its way along the Coast.
  • Period: to

    The Kombumerri Tribe (Timeline)

  • First Sight (White man)

    First Sight (White man)
    The Kombumerri tribe saw their first white man.
  • First Building

    First Building
    The first European building was established on Kombumerri Land.
  • Burleigh was named

    Burleigh was named
    The town of Burleigh was named.
  • First killing

    First killing
    The Kombumerri Tribe killed two Timber Cutters
  • Attacked

    The Kombumerri were attacked by the Police on the banks of the Nerang River.
  • Settler

    First White man settled on Nerang River
  • The Cotton Industry

    The Cotton Industry
    The Nerang cotton industry begins
  • Mission

    mission for Aboriginals established on the Nerang River
  • Relocation

    Kombumerri people were relocated to reserves.
  • Voting

    Whites only voting in elections.
  • Burial

    Biggest known Aboriginal burial ground excavatated.
  • Reburial

    Reburial of of Kombumerri remains at Broadbeach.
  • Jellurgal

    Guide to "Jellurgal" produced by Aboriginal people.