The Inter-war Years (1918 - present)

By 1603615
  • Armistice to end WW2

    Signed at 11am
  • The Treaty of Verasilles

    Signed to create peace in Europe
  • Great Depression

    Stock Market crashes, leaving thousands without jobs
  • Rise of the Nazi Party

    Hitler assassinates his political enemies in the 'night of the long knives'
  • Germany invades Poland

    They try to get the land back that was signed off in the Treaty of Versialles that was given to Poland.
  • Britian Declares war on Germany

    Australia is automatically involved because they are apart of the British empire
  • Australia declared at war

    Prime Minister Gordon Menzies declares Australia at war with Germany
  • Germany declares war on Poland

    After they invade and bomb Poland to try to get their land back.
  • First Australian Casualty

    Squadron 12 of the RAAF was killed
  • The Soviet Union and the USA enter WW2

  • Pearl Harbour Bombings

    Imperial Japan bombs Pearl Harbour as retaliation to the emabargo placed on trade with Japan after they took over the north of French Indonesia as well as
  • Darwin Bombings

    Japanese bomb Darwin killing around 70 people
  • Sydney Harbour bombed

    There were 3 submarines sent to bomb the USS Chicago. One mini submarine from I-24 was caught in a submarine net and the crew exploded the submarine with themselves inside. Another mini sub from I-24 attempted to strike at USS Chicago, but missed and made contact with HMAS Kuttabul. There were 19 fatalities. This same sub was believed to have shelled Sydney Harbour one week later. The submarines I-22 and I-27 did not manage to deploy any mini subs that ended up without having their crew themse
  • End of Kokoda Campaign

  • Defeat of Nazi's and Imperial Japan end WW2

  • First United Nations meeting

    Held in Westmisiter, London. 51 countries were present at the first General assembly
  • India gains independence

  • China becomes communist

    Mal Ze Dong is the leader of Communist China - Red China. Still is communist today.
  • East Germany tries to stop its citizens leaving to West Germany

    A barbed wire fence is used and a 24 hour patrol is in place to shoot at anyone who tries to go to West Germany.
  • First Australian troops in Vietnam

  • Martin Luther King assassinated

    leader of the civil rights movement in killed
  • 9/11 Terrorism attacks

    World Trade centre attacked as well as Pentagon. The war on Terrorism begins