The ideal female body throughout history

  • Full Figured (1900-1910)

    The ideal female was plump and fleshy with big hips. Women used corsets to give the illusion of a tiny waist.
  • Period: to

    The ideal female body throughout history

  • Boyish (1910-1920)

    The flapper image became popular. Women bound their breasts to appear slimmer. Body fat was now seen as a sign of inefficiency.
  • The Triangle (1930-1950)

    Women wore padded dresses to create the illusion of masculine, broad shoulders.
  • The Marilyn (1950-1960)

    Marilyn Monroe was the biggest sex symbol of the decade. She had healthy curves and was said to be a size 12.
  • Twiggy (1960-1980)

    The iconic beauties were now stick thin. Models began to resemble prepubescent boys. Women didn't want to be defined by their breasts and skinny figures represented independence.
  • Hourglass (1980-1990)

    The exaggerated hourglass was in. Reminiscent of the 30s triangle, women wanted to be seen as powerful but also feminine. There was added pressure to exercise to achieve a toned look.
  • The Kate Moss (1990-2000)

    The decade progressed from the curvaceous Baywatch figures to tiny Kate Moss, The ideal woman became skinnier and skinnier.
  • The unattainable (2000-2013)

    The ideal figure is now practically unattainable with thigh gaps, big breasts and tiny waists.