The hunt for Osama bin Laden

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  • Laden retreats into Tora Bora

    A complex maze of caves and tunnels under the White Mountains
  • Video released of Laden

    Video showed Laden with Al-Qaeda no. 2 walking in the mountainous area
  • Operation Mountain Storm

    US launches Operation Mountain Storm, specifically targetting Laden
  • Afghan-Pakistani border region

    Despite no intelligence, Laden's suspected location was in the Afghan-Pakistani border region
  • Laden suspected dead

    Saudi's intelligence suspected that Laden died of tyroid but Pakistani president says he was still hiding in Pakistan.
  • Northwest Pakistan

    Afghan secret service tracked Laden to Northwest Pakistan, near the Afghan border
  • Pakistan lawless tribal zones

    CIA director says that Laden is hiding in Pakistan lawless tribal zones
  • Death of Laden

    US President Barack Obama announces Laden's death