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the histry of the electriic guitar

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    the history of electric guitar

    read more adout electric guitars
  • there is a guitar and theres electric guitar

    there is a guitar and theres electric guitar
    in 1930 the sound from hawaiian music and they like the sound and they began to make a good sound like good sound waves.
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    the electric guitar

    the electric guitar is cool
  • the electirc guitar

    the electirc guitar
    thefistgeorge beauchamp, adolph rickenbcker,paul barth in 1931. that when thay inventied the frist electric guitar.
  • the elecric guitar

    the  elecric guitar
    guitarin 1934 the company is was renamed to ricken backer electro steriged INS trument company. "i was nickname to the frying pan or the pancake guitar. they called the guitar because it look"s like a pan.
  • the first electric guitar

    the first electric guitar
    first G.d. beauchamp 1937 people wontid a louder sound. the first electric guitar the Rickenbacker flying pan. it tack him five yaer's to get the patent because the patent was resave and resave.
  • the e.g

    the e.g
    in 1946 les paul take his now solid body guitar to gibson.
  • ttttthhheee eee.ggggg

    ttttthhheee eee.ggggg
    in 1946 the solid body electric guitar is for the jazz musisshins to make there music smodth.
  • gguitar

    leo fender, believed that solid body guitars held the futue of the guitar market.