The history scootering.

Timeline created by Huntz
  • First freestyle scooter.

    First freestyle scooter.
    Micro and J.D Bug ceated a scooter that could handle tricks. But as the years went by more heavy duty scooters were in demand.
  • Transportation to tricks.

    Transportation to tricks.
    In 2000 the kids that scootered decided to do tricks other than just using it to get around.
  • Period: to

    Serious riding.

    Scooter riders started doing insane tricks.
  • Competitive riding

    Competitive riding
    In 2005 is when people started getting together and being compititive in the tricks they do.
  • Compitions

    In 2007 compitions became more recognized. Events like SD, Xtreme Wheels, Razor Exposed Tour, Cooterson, San Fransisco Hyphy Street Jam, Scooyork’s Brooklyn Banks Jam, Meatfly and Montreux are events that made the compitions for scooters come alive.
  • Razor u.s.a was founded in california

    Razor u.s.a was founded in california
    Razor was founded in california in 2007 and they quickly became a growing company.
  • Stylish riding.

    Stylish riding.
    In 2008 people started notising that scooter riders were focusing on more stylish riding other than the sloppy sketchy riding.
  • Making heavy duty parts

    Making heavy duty parts
    Welding scooter paerts soon came to many companies minds when the foldible scooters started breaking when riders started throughing more bangers and more advanced tricks.