The History of Virtual Reality

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    The History of Virtual Reality

  • Sensorama Stmulator is invented.

    Morton Heilig comes out with "Sensorama Simulator" where they incorporate smell, touch, and video in a theater setting. He also invents the Head Mounted Display (HMD)
  • The Ultimate Display-The idea of Virtual Reality is born.

    Ivan Sutherland comes out with "Ultimate Display" where he discusses the beginning and some not yet realized concepts of Virtual Reality.
  • Head Mounted Display (HMD) is revolutionized.

    Ivan Sutherland figgures out how to connect Head Mounted Display to computers to produce visual effects instead of using single frame pictures.
  • Star Wars is first movie to use computers for visual effects.

  • The first dataglove-Introduces interaction via body movement.

    Richard Sayre, Dan Sadin and Thomas Defanti come out with the first dataglove marking a new era of Virtual Reality.
  • Tron-The first computer generated movie.

    Written by Bonnie MacBird.
  • Videospace-First Virtual Inviornment

    Invented by Myron Kruger.
  • Star Track The Next Genteration

    The idea of the holodeck by writer Michael Piller is the first concept of immersive Virtual Reality.
  • Sim City

    Groundbreaking game where people create their own virtual world.
  • The Lawnmower Man

    Steven King gives us the first look at possible negative effects of Virtual Reality.
  • VRML is invented by Silicon Graphics

    VRML is the Virtual Reality Memory Language.
  • The Matrix

    This movie about Virtual Reality makes $750Million worldwide.
  • Kinect

    X Box 360 comes out with the Kinect which reads players movenets to interact with and controll video games.
  • 3D Ready TV's introduced