The History of Vietnam - 1800 - 1980

  • Minh Mang

    In 1841 the Ruler Min Mang died and his successor, Thieu Tri, Increased the persecution against Catholics.
  • French Start Attacks

    The French Miliatary began a series of attacjs designed to humiliate the Ruler at the time. The French did this because they were outraged at the treatment of their missionaries and the other Catholics.
  • French Open Fire

    (This date is 100% correct, for the others only the year is correct)
    The French made their most aggresive move so far. French ships sailed into the port of Da Nang and opened fire. Within 70 minutes they sunk 3 Vietnamese ships, destroyed the harbour fortifications and killed hundreds of civilians.
  • Locust Swarm

    A locust swarm devoured the rice fields. causing famine.
  • Napoleon

    Napoleon III, the french ruler, sent over ships to negotiate with the emporer. His mission failed and achieved nothing.
  • Great Defeat at Hands of French

    (only the month and year are correct for this one, I don;t know the day) A small French Miliatary group entered Saigon and the Vietnamese suffered a great defeat
  • Treaty Signage

    The Vietnamese are forced to sign a treaty.
    (month and year are correct)
  • Ha Noi Conquered

    The French conquered Ha Noi
  • New Treaty

    Tu Duc (emporer at the time) was forced to sign a new treaty declaring Ha Noi open to trade
  • Rebellion

    By the 1920's it was impossible to barter for things such as cloth, you had to have the French currency, called the SIlver Piastre.
  • Declaration of Independance

    Ho Chi Minh made the Vietnamese Declaration of Independance in front of Thousands of people,
  • New Emperor

    Bao Dai abdicated as emperor
  • Ho Chi Minh Assasination

    Ho Chi Minh assasinated by President Diem's Generals during the american war
  • Americans in Vietnam

    The First American Soldiers land in Da Nang
    (look at the picture. Yes. That is a person he's holding)
  • The Tet Offensive

    The NFL Forces and Soldiers of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam launched the Tet offensive
  • End of War

    All American and Australian toops left Vietnam and a peace treaty was formed between the Vietnamese and US governments.