The History of the Playstation

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  • First ever Playstation console

    First ever Playstation console
    This was the first model to be released by Sony. It was a 32 bit vieo game console.It was a CD based system and it entered a very competative gaming market at the time.The more sleek and ergonomic design was going up against giants such as Sega and Nintendo.
  • Release of the Playstation 2

    Release of the Playstation 2
    This is the successor of the Playstation. To this date it is the most successful console ever made. This design was significantly larger than the revious as it was able to store a lot more memory. THe colour scheme was now black and is still black nowadays.
  • The introduction of the PSone

    The introduction of the PSone
    With everyone expecting to be greeted with the next-generaton Playstation successor, the PSone was introduced. The sleek design was significantly smaller than the orignal grey console. THe new colour scheme was white. It was a portable design which introduced a whole new use for consoles. THey could be hookedup to cars via and LCD screen for example. Both the original console and PSone were discontinued on 31st December 2006.
  • Release of the Playstation 2 Slim

    Release of the Playstation 2 Slim
    This console, like th PSone was introduced to offer portability to its users. It was smaller than its predecessor. After 12 years of production the Playtation 2 and slim was discontinued. It still remains the most successful. This responded to the social change of portablity as many preferred to carry around the PSone so Sony introduced another option which was the slim.
  • Introducing the Playstation Portable

    Introducing the Playstation Portable
    More commonly known as the PSP, as the name suggests this deisgn was portable and handheld. It marks the first time Sony have released a handheld gaming console. The screen quality and resolution matched that of any other console making it very popular. The console still required small discs to be inserted. Since the portability aspect was so in demand at the time, Sony introduced this design as the first of its kind. It contained the same processing power as the other consoles.
  • Playstation Vita

    Playstation Vita
    This was an upgrade from the widely loved Playstation portable. It features a larger and more high resolution screen which was multi-touch capacitive. It is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the PSP. It is able to be linked to the Playstation TV meaning you can transfer the game on the screen onto the TV. Sony has adapted by adding the compatibility with the TV as it improves the social aspect.
  • Playstation 4

    Playstation 4
    The highly anticipated release of the Playstation 4 has only just passed. It was released on November 15th and is increedibly popular and contineus to break sales records. This new model features a second screen ability where the player is ale to use his/her tablet or phone and incorporate it into the gameplay. The social side of the gameplay has been enhanced whereas you are bale to tap into other peoples first person view of their screen to watch what they are doing.