The History of the Earth

  • Period: 4600 BCE to 541 BCE


    Guide Fossil: Stromatolitos
    Geological event: Big meteoric bombardement, The Earth, The Moon and the litosphere was formed.
    Climate events: Empieza haber oxígeno y se producen glaciaciones
  • Period: 66 to


    Guide fossil: Nummulites
    Geological events: Desarollo completo de la orogenia Alpina
    Climate events: Periodos glaciales e interglaciales
  • Period: 252 to 66


    Guide fossil: Ammonites
    Geological events: Fracturación de Pangea, Impacto de meteorito
    Climate events: No se produjeron glaciaciones, Clima cálido
  • Period: 541 to 252


    Guide fossi: Trilobites
    Geological events: Formación de Pangea, Vulcanismo intenso
    Climate events: Calentamiento global, Glaciaciones