Old camera

the history of the camera

  • Composition of the White Light

    Composition of the White Light
    Isaac Newton discovered the composition of the white light
  • The First Movie Theater

    The very first version of a movie theater made by Robert Barker
  • First Photographic Imaga

    First Photographic Imaga
    Nicephore Niepce invented the first photographic image with a camera obscura
  • The First Advertisement With a Photograph

    The first advertisement with a photograph was made in Pennsylvania.
  • Kodak Roll-Film Camera Patented

    Kodak Roll-Film Camera Patented
    More InfoThe Kodak roll-film camera gets patented by George Eastman.
  • First Mass Produced Camera

    First Mass Produced Camera
    More InfoThe Brownie is the first mass produced camera.
  • First Color Film

    More InfoThe first color film is created by Polaroid.
  • First Consumer Camcoder

    More InfoSony introduces the first consumer camcorder