The History of Game Consoles

By Mei A
  • Period: to

    The History of The Game Console

  • Magnavox Odyssey

    The first game cosole made for home use.
  • Atari 400

    Designed to have a keyboard fit for home use and children.
  • Mattel Intelvision

    Designed so that you could multi task, ("Play games and balance your checkbook!").
  • Milton Bradley Vectrex Arcade System

    This was different because you played the games on a monitor which was already built into the game console instead of separate.
  • Nintendo NES

    Nintendo brought the new idea of each game having a separate cartridge so that you could play as many games as you liked on one console.
  • Philips CD-1

    Philips came up with the idea of using CD’s instead of cartridge.
  • Sony PlayStation

    The first play station
  • Microsoft X-box

    This was Microsoft’s first product in the area of game consoles.

    This game console uses image recognition and infrared sensors that detect player’s movements.
  • Nintendo Wii

    The first game that you can play by using physical gestures without a wire connected.