The History of Film

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    the history of film

  • The Thaumatrope

    The Thaumatrope
    On January 3rd, 1824, the thaumatrope was invented. An illusion toy that let people view small articles. It utilized the concept of “persistence of vision”. Which is basically an optical illusion that you’re able to continuously see an image even after you’ve stopped looking at it. It’s cool but thankfully we’ve evolved from it immensely.
  • The first pictures of motion

    The first pictures of motion
    On September 4th, 1878, Eadweard Muybridge used his photography to his advantage and took some of the first pictures of motion. Seeing how animals and humans move with just a couple of lines of film.
  • The first Kodak camera

    The first Kodak camera
    On September 4th, 1888, one of the first cameras was invented, the Kodak Camera. It was a small box with rolling film on the inside. Many people used this camera, it was lightweight and inexpensive!
  • the 'Silent Film' era

    the 'Silent Film' era
    The years 1895-1929, was the ‘Silent Film’ era. Were no films with sound or synchronized dialogue. Due to the lack of talking, the actors had to rely on facial expressions and body language for the audience to understand what was going on or what the character's moods were, or what they were portraying.
  • the first 'Science Fiction' film

    the first 'Science Fiction' film
    On August 15th, 1902, the first science fiction film was released! It’s called “A Trip to the Moon”. It was the first one to use special effects. I watched the short movie, and it was very interesting. Definitely, a setting that was never produced beyond this point in history. There was weird background music and the characters were dressed up in funny costumes.
  • The first full-time cinema

    In 1920 the first full-time cinema was opened in Los Angeles. Most of the films were not that long but very enjoyable back then. Some had sound, some did not; this was still during the time of transitioning into movies with sound.
  • One of the first films with sound

    One of the first films with sound
    ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ is one of Hollywood’s greatest musicals and is also one of the first films produced with sound. The story of the musical takes place in 1927 and 1928 when sound was first produced in films. This was an awkward transition in Hollywood’s productions.
  • The rise of horror movies

    The rise of horror movies
    During the 1930s was the rise of horror movies! The first films of this genre consisted of the very popular, “Dracula”, “The Mummy”, “Frankenstein”, and a lot more. All of these were created in only 4 years as well.
  • The first drive-in movie theater

    The first drive-in movie theater
    On June 6th, 1933, the first drive-in movie theater was opened in New Jersey! Many attended the short but entertaining films with their family and friends.