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The History of Energy

  • Coal Mining

    Coal Mining
    Comercail coal mining began.
  • Oil

    First oil production well was drilled in Pennsylvania.
  • Gas Engine

    Gas Engine
    Etienne Lenoir invented the first gasoline engine.
  • Coal Burning

    Coal Burning
    Coal becomes a popular and easy way to generate electricity.
  • Wind Energy

    Wind Energy
    Charles Brush built the first automatically operating wind turbine.
  • Diesel Engine

    Diesel Engine
    Rudolph Diesel invented the first diesel engine.
  • Geothermal Energy

    Geothermal Energy
    The first geothermal power plant is built in Laderello, Italy.
  • First Nuclear Reactor

    First Nuclear Reactor
    THe first nuclear reactor used for comercial power was in Shippingport, PA.
  • First Solar Pannels

    First Solar Pannels
    The first successful silicon solar collectors were made by American scientists.
  • Hydrogen Cell

    Hydrogen Cell
    First comercially used hydrogen cell was in Chicago buses.