The History of Curriculum

  • Jan 6, 1524

    Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther

    During the protestant reformation, Luther advocated for people to be educated so they could red the bible on their own.
  • Massachusetts Bay School Law

    This law required parents to educate their children on religion.
  • Old Deluder Satan Act

    Required towns above a certain popluation to hire a school teacher.
  • John Locke's "Concerning Human Understanding"

    John Locke writes his essay "Concerning Human Understanding." It is this essay that the idea of a human mind as a blank slate comes from.
  • New England Primer Published

    The New England Primer, the first school reader, is published.
  • Thomas Jefferson advocates for education

    This includes explining its importance to government and proposing having different school systems for different classes- the laboring and the learned.
  • Blackboard is invented

  • USA's First school for the deaf opens

  • Massachusetts prohibits children 15 and under from seeking employment

  • Massachusetts establishes the first state board of education

  • Boston Public Schools begins giving grades

  • Period: to

    States implement compulsory schooling

    Beginning with Massachusetts in 1852 and ending with Mississippi in 1917.
  • Samuel Howe advocates for SPED integration

  • School Tax established

  • Harriet Foster advocates for seperate SPED institutions

  • Committee of 10 develops standard years for schooling

  • First SPED class specifically for mental disabilities is formed

  • Thorndike proposes integrating psychology into education

  • John Dewey's "Democracy and Education"

  • All states require schools to provide funds for transporting children to and from school

  • SAT is first administered

  • IQ testing begins

  • Ralph Tyler's "Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction"

  • Bloom's "Taxonomy of Educational Objectives" is published

  • ACT is first administered

  • Ruby Bridges- first move towards integration in schools

  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

  • "A Nation at Risk" is published

  • Howard Gardner developes his multiple intelligences

  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics publish the first national standards for a content area

  • Educate America Act

  • No Child Left Behind