The History of Cars

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    The History of Cars

  • Model T

    Model T
    The Model T created by Henry Ford is released in order to make it possible for the average American to own a car.
  • The Electric Self Starter

    The Electric Self Starter
    The electric self starter allowed women to start their own cars giving them more freedom.
  • The Roaring Twenties: Many Cars

    The Roaring Twenties: Many Cars
    Thousands of Americans have cars due to the booming economy.
  • Colorful Cars

    Colorful Cars
    Many cars were given a sense of style with colors
  • Luxuries of the Wealthy

    Luxuries of the Wealthy
    Many Americans were in the Great Depression, but the wealthy Americans at this time were able to have heat and listen to the radio in their cars.
  • Aerodynamic

    Cars are becoming more aerodynamic because of their design. They become more tube like instead of a box.
  • Jeep

    The United States needed a way to travel around Europe in a small vehicle. The jeep was created for this purpose.
  • Sporty

    With the end of WW2, Americans had a lot of money because of the economy. They were able to invest in their cars.
  • The Jet Age

    The Jet Age
    With jets and rockets becoming more popular, average Americans reflected those designs on to their cars.
  • The Land Speed Record

    The Land Speed Record
    The land speed record was set at 152mph showing that cars were able to go fast if you wanted them to.
  • Green People

    Green People
    Cars begin to become more fuel friendly after concluding that they were polluting the environment.
  • Going Out Flashy

    Going Out Flashy
    Americans start to become very flashy with their cars. Increasing their horsepower and overall appearance.
  • Off Roading

    Off Roading
    The Land Rover is introduced as the first SUV. It is comfy and still has the ability to go off the road with its 4 wheel drive.
  • Bigger Is Not Always Better

    Bigger Is Not Always Better
    With wars in the Middle East, oil prices rise. Automakers design smaller cars to fit the public needs.
  • Computerizing

    Cars are able to put small computer technology into their cars to help regulate fuel and other functions.
  • Minivan

    THe first minivan is introduced to allow people to car pool and carry more stuff.
  • Rounder

    Many cars become rounder to become more fuel efficient.
  • The Gulf War

    The Gulf War
    With the Gulf War effecting the production of oil, alternative energy sources were needed.
  • Rising Fuel Prices

    Rising Fuel Prices
    THe prius was the first mass produced hybrid car that reduced fuel emissions.
  • No Emissions

    No Emissions
    The Nissan Leaf is the first mass produced zero emissions car. It is completely electric.