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the history of boxing

  • 400

    early days of boxing

    early days of boxing
    eaerly sings of boxing was in africa in the year 400 bc later the game was popularized in the greek and roman coulture
  • britain and boxing

    britain and boxing
    the first recordings of boxing was when the Duke of Albemarle </a>suposluy had a match between his butcher and his butler.after that boxing matches were held for the amusement of the people
  • first rules

    first rules
    Jack Boughtonis is credited for creating the first rules of boxing he created those rules afther his opponent died during the match he had
  • moder day rules

    moder day rules
    the Marquess of Queensberry created the rules that are used now a days these rules were that the rounds were 3 minutes long and that banned gouging and wrestling during the match and made gloves compulsory these rules were named after him.
  • first priotecting equipment for boxing

    first priotecting equipment for boxing
    Jack Marlesa london doctor invented the first mouthpiece for boxing at first they werent use but in 1913, Welterweight fighter Ted "Kid" Lewis became the first boxer to use a protective mouthpiece
  • african americans in boxing

    african americans in boxing
    Jack Johnson was the first African-American to win the heavyweight championship in the arly segregated united states
  • Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier

    Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier
    it is said to be one of the greatest figth of the 20th century or so called ''the figth of the century'' it lasted 14 rounds and finally joe fraizer won but later ali won the rematch
  • women in boxing

    women in boxing
    in britain women werent able to box until the late 1998 wen they were finally allowed the first match was in Streatham in London, between Jane Couch and Simona Lukic.