The History of Bicycles

By chimcho
  • Walking Machine

    Walking Machine
    Baron Von Drais invented the walking machine which was a bicycle without pedals so you walk in a gliding motion. It was made entirely of wood and wasn't practicle for main transportation.
  • Velocipede or Boneshaker

    Velocipede or Boneshaker
    The velocipede also known as the boneshaker was invented. This time the bike had pedals that applied directly onto the front wheel. The bicycle was made purely of wood except for its metal wheels which made it very uncomfortable to ride.
  • High Wheeled Bicycle

    High Wheeled Bicycle
    The high wheeled bicycle, also known as the penny farthing, was invented in 1870. It was the first completely metal bicycle with solid rubber tyres. They discovered the larger the wheel the further you could go on one rotation of the pedals. This meant that the front was larger than the back wheel.
  • High Wheel Saftey Bicycle

    High Wheel Saftey Bicycle
    In the 1880's they resolved the tipping forward problem of the high wheeled bicycle by swapping the wheels so the smallest wheel is at the front and the larger wheel is at the back.
  • Hard Tired Saftey Bike

    Hard Tired Saftey Bike
    The invention of the hard tired saftey bicycle commenced in the 1890's. The design related back all the way to the walking machine with two wheels the same size. This was also the year the gears for bicycles' were invented and the hard tired saftey bicycle was the first bicycle to include bicycle gears. Hard tired bicycles had hard rubber tires which made riding it uncomfortable.
  • Pnuematic Tired Saftey Bicycle

    Pnuematic Tired Saftey Bicycle
    1888 was the year that the lack of comfort ended. An Irish veterinarian named dunlop created the pnuematic tires (blow up tires). This improved saftey and comfort. Then maufacturing improved so it became cheaper to buy because it was cheaper to make.
  • Motorized Bicycles

    Motorized Bicycles
    In the 1900's a motor was added onto the bicycle to make a motorized bicycle and that was the start of the modern motor bikes today. The main reason people decided to make a motorized bicycle was to appeal to children who would rather a bicycle with a motor.
  • Racing Bicycle

    Racing Bicycle
    In the 1960's bicycles were made leaner which made it lighter and simpler. These bicycles were used for racing.
  • Chopper

    In 1963 the chopper was invented. It was extremly popular with children. The iventors decided to change the design of the chopper so it wasn't to similar to the original design of bicycles.
  • Mountain Bicycle

    Mountain Bicycle
    The prototype of the mountain bicycle was developed in Canada
    in the year of 1977.
  • Cogs Added

    Cogs Added
    In the year 1984 they added cogs to the rear gears. This meant that gear speeds increased from 15 to 18 and 21 to 24.
  • 10 Cog Rear Cluster Introduced

    10 Cog Rear Cluster Introduced
    In the year 2002 10 cog rear cluster was applied to allow 30 speeds on bicycles.