The History of Apple

  • Macintosh

  • Macintosh Portable

    Apples first battery powered computer is costed $6,500
  • PowerBook 100

    costed one third of the price of macintosh portable. and was as fast as it too.
  • PowerBook Duo

    The duo line was launched as smaller and more port0able of the main powerbook.
  • PowerBook 500 Series

    It was the first in the industry to feature stereo speakers in the upper screen corners.
  • PowerBook G3

    the first laptops to use PowerPC G3 chips
  • Ibook G3

    More affordable and was very unique when they made multiple differnt colors
  • PowerBook G4

    had an attractive titanium case. but switched to aluminum in 2003
  • Ibook G3

    the white iBook G3 is the first in the lineof cheaper and better designed laptops that would eventually be made into a MacBook Range
  • IBook G4

    saw the end of the PowerPC G3 chips a disk tray way added
  • MacBook Pro

    it was the first to use the Magsafe power charger.
  • MacBook

    The Macbook name also replaced the iBook as the low-end laptop. Plastic bodied at first, then later unibody aluminium as the Pro version was. It was eventually dropped from the product line, although the MacBook Pro lives on.
  • MacBook Air

    originally launched as an ultra-portable it was the best selling laptop in 2008