The History of Anime

  • The First Anime Released

    The First Anime Released
    According to Natsuki Matsumoto, the first animated film produced in Japan stemmed from as early as 1907.
  • Noburo Ofuji introduces animation with sound

    Noburo Ofuji introduces animation with sound
    Legendary Japanese artist Noburo Ofuji worked primarily with cutout and silhouette animation.
  • First Robot (Mecha) Anime debuts

    First Robot (Mecha) Anime debuts
    Released in Japan in 1963, Gigantor, was the first giant robot anime
  • Astro Boy debuts

    Astro Boy debuts
    The first Shounen (young boy) anime to be broadcasted was Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy).
  • Creation of Studio Ghibli

    Creation of Studio Ghibli
    Hayao Miyazaki's legendary anime studio Ghibli produced several acclaimed animated films like the Oscar-winning Spirited Away.