1910 project

The History Of 1910 - 1920

  • The sewing machine was built

    The sewing machine was built
    By 1910, the trend towards looser , lighter clothing picked up during this time. The popularity of sports like tennis helped this trend towards comfortable fitting clothing. This was a big change from earlier decades when women wore tight clothing, corsets, padding and elaborate decoration. Large hats were popular; the hats were usually floppy and were further softened by feathers. Women also carried parasols as essential accessories. Men's clothing and fashion changed very little from the prev
  • First Flim Of Wizard Of Oz

    First Flim Of Wizard Of Oz
    We've all seen Judy Garland follow the yellow brick road in the 1939's classic film, "The Wizard Of Oz," and hopefully most of us have seen Diana Ross ease on down the road in 1978's "The Wiz." But it was news to us that the first film adaptation of Frank L. Baum's classic was actually a silent film made in 1910.
  • Mexican Revolution

    Mexican Revolution
    Throughout its history Mexico has had many revolutions. The most famous perhaps is the Mexican Revolution from 1910-1920. The people of Mexico were getting tired of the dictator rule of President Porfino Diaz. People of all classes were fighting in the revolution.
  • When Baseball Being

    When Baseball Being
    On April 14th, 1910 President William Howard Taft started an American tradition by being the first United States President to throw out the first ball at a baseball game.
  • The Agadir Crisis

    The Agadir Crisis
    "Agadir crisis" brings France and Germany to the brink of war
    Manchu dynasty overthrown in China and a republic established
    Triangle Shirtwaist fire leads to reforms in building codes and labor laws
    First electric self-starter for automobiles
    First air conditioner invented
    Italy annexes Libya
    Amundsen beats Scott to the South Pole
    Assassination of Russian Premier Peter Stolypin
    Deaths of composer Mahler and writer/librettist W.S.Gilbert
  • The Sinking Of Titanic

    The Sinking Of Titanic
    U.S. Public Health Service is established
    Arizona becomes the 48th state
    Albania declares its independence
    Woodrow Wilson elected as U.S. president
    Sinking of the Titanic
    First use of zippers in clothing
  • The Panama Canal

    The Panama Canal
    Panama Canal completed
    Ford Motor Company introduces moving assembly line
  • Ireland bink civil war

    Ireland bink civil war
    Ireland on the brink of civil war
    Outbreak of World War I
    Anglo-French forces halt German advance at Battle of the Marne
    U.S. Federal Trade Commission established
    Panama Canal opens
  • First Year Of Poisin Gas In Warfare

    First Year Of Poisin Gas In Warfare
    Fist use of poison gas in warfare
    Liner Lusitania sunk by German U-boat
    Japan’s "Twenty-One Demands"? an attempt to reduce China to a protectorate
    Deaths of poet Rupert Brooke and educator Booker T. Washington
  • Battle of Jutland

    Battle of Jutland
    Battle of Jutland — major naval engagement of World War I
    Battle of the Somme
    First use of tanks in war
    Abortive " Easter Uprising" in Dublin
    Arab revolt against Ottoman rule
    Albert Einstein proposes General Theory of Relativity
    Woodrow Wilson reelected as U.S. president
    Deaths of writers Henry James and Jack London
  • United States World War l

    United States World War l
    The United States enters World War I
    Revolution in Russia forces tsar’s abdication
    Italian armies collapse at Caporetto
    Finland proclaims independence
    Puerto Rico becomes a U.S. territory
    Deaths of showman "Buffalo Bill" Cody, painter Edgar Degas and sculptor Auguste Rodin
  • Treaty Of Brest- Litovsk

    Treaty Of Brest- Litovsk
    Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ends war between Bolshevik Russia and Central Powers
    Civil war in Russia leads to murder of tsar and his family
    President Woodrow Wilson proposes Fourteen Points, a plan for world peace
    Austria becomes a Republic
    T.E. Lawrence leads Arabs into Damascus
    Germany accepts terms of Allied armistice
    Deaths of composer
  • Treaty Of Versailles Signed Paris

    Treaty Of Versailles Signed Paris
    Communist rising crushed in Germany
    Treaty of Versailles signed in Paris
    Amritsar massacre British forces kill unarmed Indian demonstrators
    First airline links established between London and Paris
    Alcock and Brown fly the Atlantic nonstop
    Paris Peace Conference redraws European frontiers
    Worldwide influenza epidemic
    White Sox' scandal
  • Sacco & Vanszett

    Sacco & Vanszett
    Arrested in May 1920, Sacco & Vanszetti were charged with executing a robbery and murder in exchange for money.