The growth of Hilliard

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  • Hilliard 1850s

    Hilliard was established and soon after a post office was built. The population was around 280, and continued to grow throughout the years. The economy was stable and new biliousness came to Hilliard. The development of the residential lots in Hilliard was slow but over all steady. (At this time Hilliard is small and not packed full of people.)
  • Hilliard 1900-1926

    Hilliard 1900-1926
    Concentration of residential homes along Norwich Street from Columbia to Hilliard-Cemetery Road occurred. During the depression and WW2 Construction of new homes and businesses slowed down. At this time the population was around 451.
  • Hilliard 1950-1960s

    Hilliard 1950-1960s
    The size of Hilliard grew tremendously and by 1950 the population was up to 610. then came a big boom and by 1960 the population increased to 5,633, which made Hilliard become a city. One thing that drew people into Hilliard was the completion of the I-270 outer belt.
  • Hilliard 2000- current

    Hilliard 2000- current
    The growth of Hilliard in the 2000s continues to be strong. The 2000 US Census reports that the City of Hilliard is home to 24,230 people and to this day it only keeps growing. The one negative thing about the rapid growth is that the environment around us is losing it beauty. Now the city of Hilliard is very dense and compacted.