The great deppresion in Australia Max

  • Post World War 1

    After world war one Australia was going extremely bad with money so the Australian goverment borrowed alot of money from the london loan market to get the economy started.
  • Period: to

    Great Depression

  • Wall Street Crash

    Due to economy isues Americas stock exchange crashed after to much borrowing causing the wall street stock exchange to crash.
  • Goverment Spending Cuts

    Goverment spening was cut for the Goverment, they had to find ways to pay back many loans and also interest.
  • Australian economy is struggling

    1929 640 million dollars then in after the stock market crash 46 million dollars. the Auastralian econony was built exports like wheat produst and 1931 it had slumped this caused Australias jobs to slump and people were losing lots of money.
  • Sydey Harbour Bridge opens

    As the Sydey Harbour bridge opens as it seems as a great triumth
  • Unemployment at a high point

    One Third of the working population is unenployed
  • Economy gradually starting to recovering