The Grapes of Wrath in The Great Depression

  • "Black Tuesday"

    The US Stock market crashes
  • Dust Bowl

    The soil erosion and severe drought begin to affect the American Great Plains. Argiculture crops began failing-causing the Joad faimily and half a million Americans from the Oklahoma, Texas region to migrate west; to Califorina.
  • National Socialist German Workers' Party

    Adolf Hitlers early Nazi Party rises to political power in the eary 1930's
  • Period: to

    Great Depression

    The World fades from economic strugles into World War...
  • National unemployment rises to 3.2 million

  • Tom Joad released from McAlester State Penitentiary

  • The Joad family decides to head west to Califorina

  • Grampa dies from illness

  • Granma dies

  • The Joads arrive in the Weedpatch camp.

    A government sponsored facility, the menl look for work, as the owner struggles to pay his workers the wages they deserve, being limited by the Farmers Association.
  • Heavy rains poor down on the camp

    The rain destories the property and puts the men out of work. As the water rises the family is forced to make decisions about were they should go.
  • Rose of Sharon saves the man in the Barn

    Her baby stillborn symbolizes new times are coming but in the future, not now. By feeding the man, she shows what the future can look like if Americans work together.
  • New Yorks Bank of the United States collapses

    Over $200 million in deposits, making it the 2nd biggest bank failure
  • R.F.C. Established

    Reconstruction Finance Corporation is allowed to lend $2billion to banks, insurance companies, building and loan associations, agricultural credit organizations and railroads.
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected

  • Securities Act of 1933

    First Act of Presidents Roosevelt's New Deal
  • Adolf Hitler was appointed as Chancellor of Germaary

  • Emergency Banking Act of 1933

    Reopens closed banks.
  • Roosevelt takes the country off the gold standard

  • Civilian Consevation Corps established

    Provides work for men ages 17-27
  • Federal Emergency Relief Administration

    Harry L. Hopkins, as hief administrator, issues $5 million is grants on the first day.
  • National Industrial Recovery Act

    Set price and wage controls
  • Soil Erosion Service

    Organized to help the southern farmers recover form the dust bowl; and re fertilze the soil.
  • Three-Day Dust Storm

    Over 350 million tons of soil was deposited as far east as New York and Boston.
  • Works Progress Administration

    The program employs more than 8.5 million individuals in 3,000 counties across the nation.
  • Social Security Act of 1935

    Social Security will be financed through a payroll tax
  • The San Francisco News

    Publishes a series of articles written by John Steinbeck called "The Harvest Gypsies." Steinbeck explores the hardships faced by those living and working in migrant labor camps.
  • FDR is re-elected

  • "Roosevelt recession."

    FDE's New Deal programs suffer set backs, unemployment rises.
  • $3.75 billion in federal spending

    FDR tries to stimulate economy, unemploymnet still stays high.
  • Germany invades Poland

    WWII begins, United Kingdom and France declared war on Germany.
  • Frances invaded

    Germany occupies France.
  • Franklin Roosevelt is elected to an third term

    unprecedented-Congress to pass the Lend-Lease Act, which will aid Britain in its struggle to fend off Germany.