The Germination of the English Language

  • 400

    The Beginning of the English Languge

    The Beginning of the English Languge
    The English language arrived when three Germanic Tribes invaded Britain. The main language of that time was Celtic, but when the invasion happend, most of the Celtic speakers were forced out of there countries, leaving the Anglo, with a mixture of languages, and creating a new language called "Englisc". This name was taken partly by the country england, and also was called "Old English".
  • Aug 15, 1066

    English Sociality

    English Sociality
    Even though French was used by royalty and higher authorities, much of the lower class population used English to trade, and communicate with fellow countrymen, to compensate for their illiteracy.
  • May 20, 1154

    Categories of English

    Categories of English
    During the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Old French and Latin were part of English. The rest of the English vocabulary consisted of Norman words, some words even doubling old english words.
  • May 1, 1362

    The Official Language

    The Official Language
    English became an official language in the court of law. Writers, at that time, started to write their books in Old English, such as the writer Geoffrey Chaucer and his Book named " The Canterbury Tales".
  • May 20, 1500

    The English Climax

    The English Climax
    At this point in time, Modern English began to form. This English was used in many of Shakespeares books such as, " A Mid-Summers Night Dream". This playwright took the language into new and creative litterary territory, forming many new words.
  • The New and Improved English

    The New and Improved English
    As human knowledge was improving, so were languages. Many scholars thought that the English language was chaotic and needed some set rules and guidelines. Books were produced to teach others the correct grammer and punctuation.
  • New inventions of mind

    New inventions of mind
    During the Industrial Revolution, many new ideas flourished, causing the language to improve and accomodate the English speakers.
  • Present Day Association

    Present Day Association
    The english language continued to germinate within International Buisness, Science, and Pop Culture, becoming the most important language on the planet.
  • The English movment towards Latin phrases

    The English movment towards Latin phrases
    Many missionaries, led by St. Agustine, converted Anglo-Saxons from the Pagean faith to the Catholic faith, taking many of the Latin words and using them in the English languge.
  • The communication of the English and Vikings

    The communication of the English and Vikings
    For a hundred years the Vikings controlled most of Eastern England, before being pushed back into the North East of the country by King Alfred the Great. During this time King Alfred uses the English language to develop a sense of national identity amongst the English.