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the evolution of nintedo ds

  • The First Nintendo DS

    The First Nintendo DS
    one of the first ds games were supermariofan96.
  • Period: to

    The evolution of the nintendo ds

    the first ds was made in 2004
  • ds light

    ds light
    the nintendo ds light is lighter than the ds. the DS light has the same miterele as the DS but liter. They can play the same stuf but the DS light can play a lightel more fore an asampal Pirates of the Caribbean
  • dsi

    the ds i can tace pichers. And you can make a slide-show.It has the internet bilt in.
  • DSi XL

    DSi XL
    The DSi XL is larger than all the other dsis.DSi XL are made from metal and plastic. The DS XL comes with a case.
  • 3DS

    The 3DS is 3D and needs special games like The Guardian (blog). All 3DSis are the same sise. 3DSis are geting better.