The Evolution of Land Transportation

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    Horse and Carriage

    Horse and Carriage
    The horse and carriage era started around the 15th century. It was first invented in Hungary. This era ended in the late 19th century, when the first automobile was invented.
  • First Train Ever Built

    First Train Ever Built
    The first train ever built was in the United Kingdom, by Richard Trevithick. The maximum speed was around 48 miles per hour.
  • First Bicycle Invented

    First Bicycle Invented
    In 1817, in Germany, Baron Karl Von Drais made the first ever bicycle.
  • First Underground Line Made

    First Underground Line Made
    In 1861, in London, the first ever underground line was made. It ran between Paddington and Farringdon. To make this line, creators used gas-lit wooden carriages that were hauled by steam locomotives.
  • First Electric Car

    First Electric Car
    In 1884, the first electric car was made by Thomas Davenport. It took Davenport 132 trials before to finally make this car.
  • First Automobile Made Running on Gas

    First Automobile Made Running on Gas
    In 1885, in Mannheim, Germany, Karl Benz made the first automobile that ran on gas. It was the first car that had an internal combustion(gasoline).
  • Toyota

    Toyota, the best selling car brand in America, was first founded in Japan, by Kiichiro toyoda. The brand is said to have extremely reliable and excellent cars at a low cost.
  • The Bullet Train

    The Bullet Train
    In 1964, the Bullet Train was made by Hideo Shima, in Tokyo, Japan. The maximum speed of this train was 186 miles per hour.