The Evolutiojn of The Lightbulb

  • first lightbulb

    first lightbulb
  • Period: to

    Evolution of The Light Bulb

  • First Flourescent lamp

    First Flourescent lamp
    the Flouresent light was made by Alexandre. E. becqerel
  • tungsten filiment incandecent bulb

    tungsten filiment  incandecent bulb
    this light bulb was made by the general electric company
  • "LED" (light emitting diode"

    "LED" (light emitting diode"
    this bulb is more eficient than any other bulb because the require minimal amounts of electricity because they do not heat up when turned on
  • Advanced flourescent bulb

    Advanced flourescent bulb
    this bulb is an advanced version of the 1910