The Eureka Rebelion

By nubs
  • 15000 diggers at Mt. Alexander protest over licence fee

  • Period: to

    Eureka Rebellion

  • Most Alluvial deposits of gold were exhausted

  • The Red Ribbon Movement

  • Further protests in 1853

  • Licence Fee reduced to 10 shillings in NSW

  • Many miners leave Bendigo for Ballarat

  • Governor Hotham visits the goldfields

  • Governor Hotham orders police to carry out licence checks twice a week instead of once per month

  • Miner James Scobie killed outside of the Eureka Hotel by Bentley

  • Bemtley found not guilty

  • Eureka Hotel burnt down in anger of decision

  • 10000 diggers form the Ballarat Refornm League

  • Hotham anouces that there will be a royal commision inquireinto state of the goldfields

  • Bentley and co are found to be guilty

  • Gathering on Bakery Hill to burn licences

  • Miners swear their alegence to the southern cross

  • The government troopers attack the stockade (Eureka Stockade)

  • Licence fee abolished and Miners Right introduced