The development of my linguistic abilities

  • Period: to


  • Toddler

    I learned my first words in Spanish from my parents and sster.
  • Kindergarden experience al Presbyterian School

    I learned more Spanish through socialization with friends and my teacher taught me Phonics and gave readiness to reading and writing.
  • Sixth Grade level Reading Skills in English and Spanish

    I used the "Lado" Reading series at the Presbyterian School. Mr. Freyre was an excellent teacher to me. He taught me well the conjugation of irregular and regular verbs. I tend to prefer English more than Spanish.
  • My trip to Florida and temporary stay for 6 months

    I moved to Florida, U.S. with my mother to live there for 6 months due to conflicts in my family. I was forced to use more the English language at local schools and in everyday situations.
  • Senior High School - Advanced English Classes

    I studied at Jose De Diego High School, Mayaguez. I enrolled myself in the English advanced Class. I took Conversational Enlish in "Quinmestres".
  • Second job as a teacher

    I was hired as a bilingual teacher in Southwestern Educational Society- SESO, Mayauez. I taught Social Studies and History for
    14 years.
  • College- RUM

    I entered directly to English 200 due to the high scores in the College Board. I start worling in sales. My first job wa as a model and saling instant Kodak cameras in different booths at stores. I sold them in bilingual mode.
  • My first job as an English teacher

    I was hired as an English teacher in the Immaculate Conception Academy.
  • Second job as a bilingual teacher

    I was hired to work at SESO as a bilingual teacher. I taught Social Studies and History for 14 years.
  • My 3rd job as a bilingual teacher

    I started working at Antonio Gonzalez Bilingual School in Anasco.
    I have taught Science, Spanish, Social Studies , and Math.
  • My professional trip to Spain

    I won a professional scholarship to travel to Spain and study our ancestors roots at Complutense University in Madrid.
  • I started courses in Bilingual Education

    I got a scholarship to study two courses at Inter Metro
  • My summer Internship in Sagrado Corazon

    I started an intensive rush course in Teaching Bilingual classes with the use of technology