The Development of my Language Ability

  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    I started learnig Spanish since I was in my mom's belly.
  • The Day I Came into this World

    The Day I Came into this World
    The day I was born. There was people speaking English and Spanish.
  • My First Word

    My First Word
  • My First Day at School

    My First Day at School
    I started taking classes of Spanish and English as a second language.
  • Period: to

    Elementary School Development

    I took English and Spanish classes and learned and improved both languages skills.
  • Period: to

    High School Development

    Throughout my Junior High and High School courses, my English and Spanish languages continue to improve.
  • Period: to

    Learning English in College

    I took two Basic English Courses in the University of Puerto Rico. I learned a lot of Phonics, Spelling, Reading and Writing.
  • Walt Disney College Program

    Walt Disney College Program
    I participated in the Walt Disney World College Program for the first semester of 1999. I had to communicate with people from other countries using the English language. It was the first time I had a full conversation in English.
  • English Recertification Program

    English Recertification Program
    I studied and received my recertification in English. I learned how to teach English as a second language.
  • English Teacher

    English Teacher
    I started working as an English teacher in the Department of Education. I had to keep learning and practicing everyday.
  • Always Something to Learn...

    Always Something to Learn...
    We never stop learning and improving our language skills.