The development of Energy

  • Electricity officially discovered

    Electricity officially discovered
    William Gilbert discovered electricity by rubbing amber together.
  • Bioelectricity is found

    Bioelectricity is found
    Luigi Galvani discovered that electricity is present in nerve cells.
  • First Battery made

    First Battery made
    The first battery was invented by Alessandro Volta which were better than the electrostatic machines that they previously used.
  • First Lightbulb Invented

    First Lightbulb Invented
    The first lightbulb was invented by Humphry Davy in 1802 and was later made practical by Edison.
  • First Natural Gas Plant

    First Natural Gas Plant
    The first natural gas plant was established in New York.
  • Electric Current analyzed

    Electric Current analyzed
    Georg Ohm analyzed the electric current and created Ohm's law.
  • First Solar Energy Generator

    First Solar Energy Generator
    The first solar generator was invented to focus sunlight to make steam.
  • Tesla invents Alternating Current

    Tesla invents Alternating Current
    Tesla invents the electric alternator which produces the alternating current.
  • First use of Geothermal energy

    First use of Geothermal energy
    Geothermal energy was first used to heat houses.
  • Electricity is in Lightning

    Electricity is in Lightning
    Ben Franklin discovers that lightning is made out of electricity by doing his famous experiment with a key on a kite.