Barbie profile

The Development of Barbie

  • The idea of Bild Lilli

    The idea of Bild Lilli
    In Europe Ruth came across a German doll known as Lilli. She knew this was the doll she had in mind.She bought 3 Bild lillies they were know to be 'sexy adult dolls' pornographic
  • The idea of Barbie

    The idea of Barbie
    Ruth Handler develops the idea of Barbie
  • The First Barbie

    The First Barbie
    "Barbie", the 3 dimensional doll made her debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York. The doll is 11 1/2 inches tall and features a movable head, arms and legs. "Barbie #1" is known for her sly sideways glance and her black-and-white striped swimsuit. Fashions from Barbie's first year include the "Wedding Day Dress" and the Dixie-themed "Plantation Belle." In the first collection, blondes outnumber brunettes by two to one.
  • Ken's Debut

    Ken's Debut
    Barbie's on again off again romantic interest Ken is introduced to the toy scene
  • The Success

    The Success
    The success of the Barbie doll led Mattel to become a publicly-owned company
  • Barbie sings

    Barbie sings
    A girl sings along with a 7" record called 'Barbie Sings'
  • Outfit with book

    Outfit with book
    Outfit that came with a book "How to lose wieght"
  • Skipper

    Barbie's little sister Skipper is introduced. She is joined by Miss Barbie, the only doll in the collection whose eyes open and shut.
  • By bye Bild Lilli

    By bye Bild Lilli
    The production of Bild Lilli was stoppes after they bought right to the doll
  • Miss Astronaut

    Miss Astronaut
    Four years before the moon landing, Miss Astronaut goes into space.
  • Sleepover

    Sleepover setting with 110 pounds max on the scale
  • Talking Barbie

    Talking Barbie
    Barbie speaks for the first time. While pulling a string, she says six phrases
  • African American doll

    African American doll
    Barbie's girlfriend Christie, an African-American doll, is introduced in 1968
  • Ken comes back

    Ken comes back
    Ken disappears for a year and comes back with bendable legs, bigger muscles,and a speaking voice.
  • Speaking Barbie

    Speaking Barbie
    With the introduction of speaking Barbie, it is now possible to bend the doll's elbows, knees, and ankles. Barbie's head, waist, arms, hands, and legs all swivel.
  • Hippie Barbie

    Hippie Barbie
    Barbie's trademark sideways glance is replaced by an attentive, straight-ahead look. Barbie becomes a hippie, just as the peace and love thing is sweeping the nation.
  • Barbie in the time capsule

    Barbie proves that it is possible to have it all. She becomes an Olympic skier, a gymnast, skater, doctor, surgical nurse, ballerina and a flight attendant. Barbie is selected as the "doll of the century" for the U.S. bicentennial celebration. She is placed in a time capsule, scheduled to be opened in 2076.
  • Black Barbie

    Black Barbie
    Mattel takes steps to desegregate with all deliberate speed, introducing Black Barbie and Hispanic Barbie. "Oriental" Barbie follows the next year. The company also launches its ongoing International Collection, beginning with Italian Barbie, Parisian Barbie, and Royal U.K. Barbie
  • Western Barbie

    Western Barbie
    Mattel embraces cowboy chic with Western Barbie.
  • Eskimo and Indian Barbies

    Eskimo and Indian Barbies
    The Eskimo Barbie and the Indian Barbie are added to the International Collection.
  • Swedish and Spanish Barbie

    Swedish and Spanish Barbie
    These barbies are also added to the International Collection including Persian, U.K, and Italian
  • 25th Anniversary

    25th Anniversary
    1984 The Barbie Doll's 25th anniversary and Tiffany & Co. makes a sterling silver Barbie doll
  • Barbie in clothes designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier

    Barbie in clothes designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier
    An international Barbie exhibition showcases Barbie in clothes designed by Yves St. Laurent, Pierre Cardin, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Christian Dior
  • Blue Rhapsody Barbie

    Blue Rhapsody Barbie
    Blue Rhapsody Barbie is introduced and is the first Limited Edition collector Barbie doll.
  • Barbie and Madonna

    Barbie and Madonna
    Barbie's line of Concert Tour fashions, inspired by Madonna, include a Day-Glo bustier and skintight black pants
  • Barbie hoins the U.S Army

    Barbie hoins the U.S Army
    Barbie joins the U.S. Army in 1989. Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps fashions follow over the next three years.
  • Stacie

    Stacie, Barbie's other sister, is introduced to the Barbie family
  • Native American Barbie

    Native American Barbie
    Mattel's introduction of Native American Barbie.
  • Mattel Reproduces

    Mattel Reproduces
    Mattel reproduces the original number one Barbie Doll.
  • Math is hard!

    Math is hard!
    Teen Talk Barbie speaks the phrase "Math is hard!" The doll becomes the flashpoint in a national discussion on girls and education.
  • Kelly

    Kelly, Barbie's youngest sister is finally added to Barbie's sisters.
  • Harley Davidson Doll

    Harley Davidson Doll
    The Harley Davidson Barbie becomes the hottest doll of the year.
  • Butterfly art Barbie

    Butterfly art Barbie
    Mattel releases a new line of Generation Girls, including Butterfly Art Barbie
  • The most expensive Barbie

    The most expensive Barbie
    The most expensive Barbie doll in the world is unveiled to mark her 40th anniversary. The doll wears jewllery containing 160 diamonds set in 18-carot white gold, and is worth £50,000.
  • Barbie celebrates her 40th birthday

    Barbie celebrates her 40th birthday
    Barbie celebrates her 40th birthday. Mattel celebrates the event by forming a partnership with the nonprofit Girls Inc. The project, called "Ambassadors of Dreams," uses accomplished women to advance the message that "girls can be anything." Mattel donates 1.5 million dollars to support programs that teach girls about technology, finance, math and science, career planning, and sports.
  • New line of generation

    Mattel releases a new line of Generation Girls, including Butterfly Art Barbie, named for the butterfly tattoo on her stomach, with one of Barbie's new girlfriends having a nose ring.
  • Toxic chemical

    Hard vinyl could leak toxic chemicals
  • Barbie runs for president

    Barbie runs for president
    Barbie runs for President. Her campaign issues include equality, world peace, animal kindness, education, and the environment. Meanwhile, Mattel prepares to introduce Fashion Doll 2000. The Most Collectible Doll In The World introduced several Millennium-themed dolls including Barbie 2000, Millennium Wedding, and Sydney 2000 Olympic Pin Collect
  • The nutcracker

    The nutcracker
    Barbie stars in her first feature film, Barbie In The Nutcracker. It airs on CBS Thanksgiving day
  • Barbie goes to hollywood

    Barbie goes to hollywood
    Barbie becomes more popular with Hollywood such as, the Marilyn Monroe set, Rhett Butler and Elvis along with Pop Culture and Fantasy dolls such as Enchanted Mermaid.
  • Miss popular

    Miss popular
    Barbie is still one of the most popular dolls sold today. She has arrived in all shapes. Such as I Love Lucy in the Paris Gown, Sugar Plum Fairy and much more
  • Saudia arabia banned Barbie

    Didn't agree with the way barbie dress its not modest to their culture
  • The break up

    The break up
    After 43 years as one of the world's prettiest pairs, the perfect plastic couple is breaking up. The couple's "business manager," Russell Arons, vice president of marketing at Mattel, said that Barbie and Ken "feel it's time to spend some quality time - apart." "Like other celebrity couples, their Hollywood romance has come to an end," said Arons, who quickly added that the duo "will remain friends."
  • 45th edition

    45th edition
  • Dog and cat

    Dog and cat
    Barbie doll and toy dog, Tanner, and cat, Mika
  • Barbie on the runway

    Barbie on the runway
  • Barbie turns 50!

    Barbie turns 50!