The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson, fiction, 238 pages

  • 80 pages read

    The story starts with Daniel telling a story of how his parents were murdered when he was three years old. But Daniel is not normal, he is an alien, more specifically he is an alien that looks like a human but his mind is highly advanced, he can change into different animals, and he can rearrange the particles of matter around him to "create" things or people and "destroy" these "creations". Fiction:Fantasy -- 1-80 Total: (445)
  • 79 pages read

    Daniel has inherited a list of alien criminals on Earth and is going after number 6, Ergent Seth. This search brings him to LA where he decides to go to high school while searching for Seth. Here he meets a girl named Pheobe Cook who he falls in love with. Eventually he is kidnapped and shot in the stomach by Ergent Seth who was acting as Pheobe to get Daniel. In Seth's ship Daniel waits in a cell hoping to escape. Fiction:Fantasy -- 81-159 Total: (524)
  • 79 pages read

    Seth's ship finally stops, on Daniel's home planet. Here Daniel sees the destruction Seth has brought, the entire capital city is in debris. Daniel at this point feels rushed with power and finds a way to escape. He is meet by a young boy and the boy's sister and is brought to an underground city for refuge. Here he meets his grandmother who helps him by repairing the shot wound. Daniel is healed, finds Seth and defeats him, freeing his people. Fiction:Fantasy -- 159-238 Total: (603)