The Creating of the Constitution

  • The Debate over the Bill of Rights

    The Debate over the Bill of Rights was over protecting citizen's rights. Delegates felt that these rights must be a part of the Constitution.
  • The Articles of Confederation Adopted

    The Articles of Confederation was the 1st plan of government that left The Central Government weak and gave most of the power to the states.
  • Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris gave the United States the land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River.
  • Shay's Rebellion

    Shay's Rebellion was when Daniel Shays organized over 1,000 farmers to protest against Massachusetts high taxes on farm land.
  • The Constitutional Convention

    The Constitutional Convention was when all 55 delegates gathered to fix the Articles of Confederation.
  • The Virginia Plan

    The Virginia Plan said that the central government should have 3 branches, or parts.
  • The New Jersey Plan

    The New Jersey Plan gave all the states the same number of representatives.
  • Northwest Ordaniance

    The Northwest Ordinance was a law that allowed new territories ro have a chance to become a state.
  • The Great Compromise

    In the Great Compromise, the congress would have two seperate houses, and each state had a certain number of representatives based on their population.
  • The Preamble

    The Preamble was the introduction to the Constitution that was written to show that the people held the power in the country -that it was a democracy.
  • The Signing of the Constitution

    The Signing of the Constitution was when the delegates of the United States Congress signed the Constitution.
  • The Constitution Ratified by the First State

    The Constitution was ratified by the first state, which was Delaware.
  • Four More States Ratify the Constitution

    Four more states, which were Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Connecticut.
  • The Constitution is Ratified by One More State

    The Constitution is ratified by New Hampshire.
  • The First President of the United States is Elected

    The first President of the United States, George Washington, is elected with every vote.
  • The First President is Sworn In, or Inaugurated

    On April 30th, 1789, our first president, George Washington, was inaugurated, or sworn in, in New York City.
  • The Constitution is Ratified by the Final State

    The Constitution was then ratified by the final state, Rhode Island.
  • The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution

    The Bill of Rights are the first 10 Ammendments. They were written to protect the rights of the citizens.
  • The Supreme Court is Granted a Certain Right

    If the Supreme Court felt that one of the signed laws did not fit with the Constitution, they could overide it.